Automatische vetsmeerpompen & HDS Verdeelblokken

Automatic lubrication systems & HDS Distribution Blocks

Automatische vetsmeerpompen & HDS Verdeelblokken

The Automatic Lubrication Pumps have been designed for the use of EP2. Oil and thinner greases can be used without any problem. Standard sizes from 2 kg up to 8 kg.  From 2 to 4 cc output per minute per element.  The pumps are available in 12- and 24-Volt direct current (VDC) and 230 V alternating current (VAC).  The 4 and 6 kg pump have got a follower plate to protect the grease from exposure to dirt and water. The grease level in the reservoir is clearly visible.

An efficient operation has the need for reliable machines with a high yield.  The Hebonilube Automatic Lubrication System contributes to this by reduced grease consumption, reduced repair costs and more.L

We can install your Automatic Greasing System for you. The installation is complete with the required components, plumbing and hoses. Installation can be done on site, in our workshop or at the dealer.

Hebonilube is the brand name for Automatic Greasing Systems supplied and assembled by Fillflex. Fillflex develops products and services for the off-road sector, buses and trucks, heavy industry, food and beverage industry, agriculture, and ports. Besides the Automatic Greasing Systems by Hebonilube, Fillflex supplies over pressure filtration systems under the brand name acfilter. See:

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